STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 12/05/2013

Lifetime Achiever

This past summer, the Rev. Hugh McNally ’56 was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE) at their “Ideas Have Consequences” conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. McNally, who holds the M.Div. degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, is an ordained Baptist minister who served as a missionary to India for fourteen years, and as a pastor in three churches of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches for 26 years, retiring in 2000.

He has been a member of CBE since 1989, and in 2009 he founded (and is currently the president of) the Atlantic Society for Biblical Equality (ASBE). In 2012 he wrote A Study Guide on Biblical Equality: Men and Women, Partners or Rivals?

“The increasing gap between women’s place in modern society and women’s place in the church
is contributing to a significant drop in the number of women who regularly attend church and become involved in its ministries,” McNally writes. “I am convinced that biblical equality is a central issue, one which is critical to the future of the church. It is the power of the Holy Spirit freeing all people to use their gifts for service in God’s kingdom. If not for the ministry of a woman, I would not have surrendered my life to Christ sixty-five years ago.”


Hugh McNally