OCE Newsletter: last updated 08/28/2013

Dance Camp

By Alyssa Bailey, Gordon Dance Team Coach

For one week during spring term, 16 preteens from the Lynn organization Girls Inc. attended Gordon College for a dance camp under the leadership of dance coach Alyssa Bailey and the 13-member dance team. This was a wonderful opportunity for team members to extend our knowledge and passion for dance to a younger, enthusiastic generation. “I loved the experience of working with that age group,” said dance team captain Brooke Fryer ’15. “The diversity of personalities was exciting and entertaining.” Alyson Tomasetti ’15 said, “I loved getting to know the girls!” Danielle Caramante ’15 further explained that “letting them express themselves through dance” was an important building block for them.

Each day, the girls had a routine. They were taught choreography by multiple members of the dance team in the Bennett studio. Kelsey Baker ’16, a dance team choreographer, expressed her perspective on teaching younger girls: “I loved teaching them; they worked hard.” After learning about different facets of dance nutrition, stretching, analyzing and participating in dance, the girls earned their meals in Lane. I noticed they had an absolute appreciation of the food they received.

Rianna Bazzinotti ’15 said, “The girls were such a joy to have. Working with them reminded me why I started loving dance in the first place.” Big sister-little sister relationships were formed that week, and sister-brother relations for Benjamin Tartter ’14: “Getting to know the girls from Lynn was a true blessing for me. I learned even about myself.”

Many girls asked questions about Gordon's academics. Our team encouraged them to dream big and accomplish any goals they set for themselves. Lena Crowley, director of middle school programs at Girls Inc., told me how wonderful it was to hear the girls talking about their future. I told Lena the girls are always welcome to attend the college’s home basketball games to watch us perform, and we hope to see them next year!


Dance Camp