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A Message from President Michael Lindsay

April 16, 2013

The Gordon community was shocked and saddened by the tragedy that unfolded at Monday's Boston Marathon. Each year this storied Patriots' Day tradition is a celebratory time of camaraderie and good will for the greater Boston community as well as for thousands of visitors who attend from around the country and the world.

Patriots' Day is a holiday in Massachusetts but a “work day” at Gordon. We host Gordon Experience Day for prospective students and parents, and keep a normal class schedule. As such, we knew of only a small number of Gordon faculty, staff and students who were at the race, either as participants or spectators. We are grateful they were not among those injured. We also give thanks for the countless acts of generosity and compassion in the immediate aftermath.

As a community of believers, we empathize deeply with those in emotional and physical distress. We ask you to join in prayer—with all of us at Gordon—on behalf of those many individuals who were hurt, and for the families personally and profoundly affected by this terrible event. We also pray that justice will be served as our law enforcement agencies work to find those responsible for this unconscionable act.

As Christians—and as an institution with strong ties to the city of Boston—we want to be a source of comfort and hope for our neighbors in the midst of suffering and loss. We know the only assurance in this world is God’s sovereignty, no matter the circumstances. In these challenging days of healing for our community, may we model Christ’s grace and a servant’s heart for helping those in need. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Faithfully yours,

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D. Michael Lindsay