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The Consortium Connection

by Hilary Sherratt '12

Justin Topp, associate professor of biology, knows that getting students involved in biotech innovation calls for more than just having the latest equipment on campus—though that certainly matters. Topp, who has collaborated with local biotech companies to create a Google map of E. coli protein expression, is the College liaison to the recently formed North Shore Biotech Consortium, a network of colleges and universities that now also includes nonprofit and for-profit companies. 

Although this collaboration is in the nascent stage, the hope is it (and others like it) will be horizon-expanding for students, who will benefit from increased opportunities for cross-registering at consortium schools for advanced training in microscopy, proteomics, NextGen sequencing, high content screenings, and bioengineering. And students from other colleges will be attracted to Gordon’s resources in advanced microscopy and drug screening.

Beyond expanded course options, the Consortium will afford Gordon students significantly expanded internship opportunities, and essential experience with the “day-to-day of the biotech environment,” Topp says.

With this kind of exposure and collaboration, students can go wherever their ideas lead.

Hilary Sherratt is a grantwriter at Gordon.


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Justin Topp