STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 04/23/2013

Presidential Fellows: Mid-Year Reflections

Henry Hagen ’14

Office of the President
D. Michael Lindsay

“One of the highlights of my Presidential Fellows experience was meeting Rich Fairbank, CEO and Founder of Capital One. He talked candidly about his ideals, leadership expertise, and the challenges of leading a Fortune 500 business.” 


K. Trey Walsh ’14

Office of the Executive
Vice President
Dan Tymann

“The Fellows program has made me more confident in my capabilities and aspirations. The level of investment Mr. Tymann and the rest of the Cabinet have poured into this program—and into us as individuals—is astonishing. I look forward to the future of this program, to future Gordon Presidential Fellows.”



Erik Hilker ’14

Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration
Michael Ahearn

“While sitting in on meetings, I am often struck by the insight Mr. Ahearn brings to situations. He has spent many hours helping me understand the financial management of an institution. This exposure is way outside the purview of most students’ college experience.”



Rachel Ashley ’13

Office of the Vice President for
Student Life
Barry Loy 

“This has been a tremendously humbling experience for me. By stepping into the professional world as a college senior, I have discovered I still have quite a bit of growing to do. Indeed, this program has confirmed what one beloved Gordon professor always tells us: Life is for learning and learning is for life.”


Skylar Bareford ’14

Office of the Provost
Janel Curry

“The Presidential Fellows program has provided me with numerous meaningful experiences. From my time spent with leaders who come to campus, to working in the office with Dr. Curry, I am constantly reminded of the wisdom that inspires our institution.”




Amber Fiedler ’13

Office of the Vice President for Marketing and Strategic Communications
Richard Sweeney

“I’ve really appreciated being part of Mr. Sweeney’s meetings with the College Communications and Design Center staff. From my very first week, I’ve been treated as a team member, and been part of this process where the ideas for publications, external communication, and Gordon’s brand positioning are formed.”