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Frost Hall “Lobby Queen”

“I love helping people.”

Sue Manganiello’s official title is Admissions Receptionist, but the admissions team has properly dubbed her “Lobby Queen.” As the first face prospective students and parents see when they visit campus, Manganiello’s role at the College involves a great deal more than answering phones, opening mail and keeping the coffee hot.

On a typical event day she’ll welcome 400 prospective students; over a year, more than 3,000 families approach her desk. “I know that visiting a college for the first time can be intimidating,” says Manganiello. “I do my best to connect with families, make them laugh and let them know that our admissions counselors are truly remarkable.”

Manganiello has three teenagers of her own: Nicholas (18), Ann Marie (16) and Gina Beth (16). Her family has prepared her well to be patient with the first-year students who find her in Frost Hall.

“Almost every day a student comes to me in a panic because he or she can’t find a professor’s office and needs a pen and stapler to hand in the paper that was due an hour ago,” says Manganiello. “I love helping people.”

When she’s not in the Frost Hall lobby, Manganiello and her husband can be found watching their kids play hockey all over New England. Also, doing business as “Sue’s Signs,” she designs and paints banners and logos for trucks, boats and other commercial vehicles. 

“It’s different all the time and I love the opportunity to express myself creatively,” she says. “But I am always happy to drive onto our beautiful campus to join my colleagues in the important work we do for Gordon College.”

(Story by Natalie Ferjulian ’10; pictured, right) 


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