STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 04/24/2013

Politics and Theater Go Hand In Hand

By Dylan Baker

Alec Lewis ’11, a theatre arts and political science major, is working for Vermont state representatives Patti Komline and Jeff Wilson. “I’m a legislative assistant, which means doing research, trying to come out with new events to engage constituents,” said Lewis.

Lewis already has experience in politics. In Missouri, during the past election year, he worked for the Democratic Party as a lead field organizer and volunteer coordinator. Moving back to Vermont led him to some unique opportunities not only working for Komline and Wilson but teaching an improv theater class as well. 

Lewis’s work with improvisational theater while at Gordon led him to pursue creating his own company while still on the North Shore. Lewis co-founded Cape Ann Improv. “We wanted to start a company that could really reach out to anybody who wanted to stretch themselves and grow in their own self-confidence.” 

“I have these two very defined interests, politics and theater, and I have found out how linked they are,” said Lewis. “The more I can integrate them and feel creative within what I’m doing—that is always a good thing.”


This is an excerpt from an article by Dylan J. Baker, staff writer at the Manchester Journal. Originally published Jan. 31, 2013.