Gordon in the News: last updated 02/11/2013

500 Students + 29 Inches of Snow + 1 Quad

Preparations for an all-campus party in the snow began on Thursday, with an attention-grabbing post on Student News: "Student Snowball Fight on the Quad, 2 p.m. Saturday!"

This past Friday and Saturday (Feb. 9 & 10) Gordon—along with a substantial part of the East Coast—was hit by Winter Storm Nemo. Between Friday and Saturday afternoon over two feet of snow fell on the Wenham campus. Due to the driving ban issued by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, and the "shelter in place" order sent to students by Gordon's Public Safety department, the students had few options for entertainment. So when the order was lifted, they headed for the quad for a campus-wide snowball fight.

"It was incredible to see several hundred students running around, throwing snowballs and tackling one another—all in two-foot-deep powder," wrote Lindsey Glasier '13. >

Emma Barclay '16 created the video (above). As of mid-day Monday it had been viewed 744 times on YouTube, and received 298 likes on Facebook

The photo below, taken by Antony Ohman '16, was posted on the Gordon Facebook page and (as of mid-day Monday) received nearly 7,000 views, 71 comments, 219 shares, and 1,371 likes—making it the most popular Facebook post in Gordon's history.

Snowfight photo by Anthony Ohman


Campus stats for Nemo:

29 inches of snow on the quad

45 straight hours of snow removal (and still counting)

58 mph wind gusts

320 hours operating snow removal equipment

380 hours of student snow shoveling