OCE Newsletter: last updated 01/10/2013

Fast Facts from Fall 2012

In total, over 300 students served 6,628 hours in neighboring communities during the Fall 2012 semester.

This number includes:

  • Gordon in Lynn SALT teams, through which 161 students contributed 3,022 hours of service
  • Outreach Teams, through which 92 students contributed 874 hours of service
  • College Bound, through which 37 students contributed 1,922 hours of work
  • Academically-based service learning, through which 94 students contributed 563 hours of service
  • Special projects and internships, through which 25 students contributed 248 hours of service

Student leaders include:

  • GORDON IN LYNN INTERNS: Alverina Berube, Sarah Sessa, Christian Sosa, Jed Meyers, Hannah Otto, Abby Swanson, Zoey Meyer-Jens, Eric Coners, Elaine Hong, Haley Drolet, Stephanie Clark, Conor Krupke, and Hayley Pomeroy
  • COLLEGE BOUND INTERNS: Megan Grant, Phil Clossey, Jennifer Coverdale, Julianne Lambert, and Gretchen Lick
  • OUTREACH TEAM LEADERS: Ana Pereira, Kenny Smith, Liz Wink, Ashley Miler, Elizabeth Moses, Peter Schultz, Hannah Bentum, Hannah Jang, Victoria Quay, Lauren Olson, Alex LaForest, Kristen Beebe, Katie Hakanson-Stacy, Mollie Enright, Kailyn Kowolenko, Kori Dean, Joy Kimmel, and Stacy Strobel