OCE Newsletter: last updated 01/10/2013

Fall 2012 Highlights

  • In preparation for this year, the Gordon in Lynn and College Bound interns read the new book When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert of Covenant College.
  • In addition to continuing its work with elementary-aged children, this year the College Bound tutors mentored middle school students in Lynn’s Curwin Circle neighborhood as well. The middle school students and their Gordon tutors took two field trips to the Gordon campus, one for the Gordon’s Got Talent show and one for a performance of Working: A Musical. The kids enjoyed feeling like they were a part of the campus community and thought the shows were wonderful! After the talent show was over, the kids jumped up on stage to showcase some of their own dancing and singing talents.
  • This November, Gordon’s Homeless Ministry Outreach Team hosted a long-time friend, Leigh Maynard, on campus in the Lane Dining Hall. Leigh shared about his life experiences living in Boston and enjoyed sharing a community meal of pizza with Gordon students.
  • One asset of the College Bound program is the sizeable group of Gordon students who have made a long-term commitment to the program and continue to return as tutors semester after semester. This Fall, College Bound had to say goodbye to three long-serving Gordon students: Megan Grant, Gretchen Lick, and Karis Sawyer. Megan and Gretchen had worked with the program for six semesters and both served as interns. Karis was College Bound’s longest serving tutor at seven semesters of service! These three remarkable women have made a lasting impact on the College Bound program and will be sorely missed.
  • En Camino took place again this fall with students from Kaye Cook’s Developmental Psychology class joining the 5th graders from Harrington Elementary school in Lynn for a morning of leadership development.
  • The REC323 students and Val Gin collaborated with Bridgewell on developing a dance video resource for the Bridgewell clients. The students hosted the Bridgewell guests in the Barrington cinema for a premier showing, starring both Gordon and Bridgewell.