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"Impenetrable Hope and Teflon Goodness"

A Huffington Post essay by President Michael Lindsay


You may not know Todd Komarnicki by name, but you are almost certainly acquainted with one of his most famous pieces of work: Buddy the Elf. Todd is a seasoned Hollywood writer and producer, and he was one of the principal creative forces behind 2003's instant Christmas classic, Elf. Todd's personal story—as well as the clever holiday tale he helped bring to life—are both interesting sources of inspiration this holiday season.

Over the past few years I have had several professional opportunities to speak with Todd about his experience in the film industry, his life as a writer, and his unlikely place as a Christian in the heart of a largely secular creative community. And each time we've met, his authenticity and perseverance have made a powerful impression on me. Todd is a leader of true spiritual grita deeply prayerful, thoughtful individual who speaks his mind and follows his instincts even when the path is unclear.

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president Lindsay and JC Penney CEO Mike Ullman