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Foster Parent All-Stars

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families recently recognized Rich ’85 and Sue (Wright) ’84 Mulley as Foster Parent All-Stars.

The Mulleys had always wanted to do something that made a tremendous impact on people’s lives, and eventually found their calling in foster parenting. Sue, who grew up in Hamilton, has made foster care her career for the past four years. With a background in education and the fact that she has always loved kids, Sue says being a foster parent just made sense.

Rich, who is originally from Ipswich, says faith played a huge role in the decision to welcome foster children into their home. “We wanted to love people in the community the way Jesus would love them,” says Rich. The foster care ministry of the First Presbyterian Church North Shore in Ipswich, of which the Mulleys are members, has a support system that assists foster families. The Mulleys’ three children, Daniel, Tyler and Elizabeth, have also been exceptionally supportive of their choice to be foster parents.

The Mulleys tend to take a different approach to foster parenting. “We like to develop the relationship with the biological parents as much as possible,” Sue says. As for how many years they will continue foster parenting, Rich says simply, “as long as we have the energy to do it.”

Excerpt from article by Jennie Oemig, Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle, July 9, 2012. Reprinted by permission.

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