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Marvin Wilson: By The Numbers

50: Years as a full-time college professor

10,000: Estimated number of students he’s taught

450: Field trips he’s led with students to Jewish houses of worship on the North Shore

1,000: People he’s led on trips to the Holy Land with Gordon College

26: Printings of his 1989 book, Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

3,000: Questions he wrote for interviews with 96 scholars for a PBS documentary based on Our Father Abraham

511: People who came to a 1995 seminar and panel discussion with Jewish and Christian leaders Wilson helped organize at Salem High School

4: Books he’s co-edited with rabbis

6: Steps up a spiral staircase to his office, eccentrically perched halfway between the second and third floors of Frost Hall

Too big to count: The number of students and other visitors this has mystified

By Bethany Bray ’02; reprinted courtesy of The Salem (MA) News 

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