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A View from the Top

By Amber Fiedler ’13

More than 200 Greater-Boston business executives joined 40 members of the Gordon community—senior staff, and students interested in business—on October 19 for breakfast in Boston and a stimulating conversation between President Lindsay and veteran BlackRock equity specialist Bob Doll. The event at the State Room was the most recent in the Conversations with the President series.

The conversation touched on the contrast between Doll’s high-profile work as BlackRock’s chief equity strategist, and his identity outside of the office. Those who intensely invest time and energy in a company find it hard when they step back from those pressing needs, he noted. But Christians, he stressed, have the advantage of a lighter grasp upon temporal things.

This resonated with Benjamin Hale ’13, a business administration major from South Hadley, Massachusetts. “Bob Doll explained that being emotionally invested in the stock market is easier to avoid because, as a Christian, he knows everything will come to an end,” Hale said. “I hadn’t ever thought of the market that way before and appreciated his openness regarding his personal faith.”
Rachel Ashley ’13, a political science and biblical studies double major from Lowville, New York, also appreciated Doll’s honesty “in talking about his work-life balance and the different seasons of life he has been through in his career.”

“I had the privilege of sitting next to David Shultz, one of Gordon’s trustees,” said Alexandra Nawoichik ’13, a Spanish and business administration major from South Hamilton, Massachusetts, “and had a wonderful conversation. The speaker had interesting insights not only on how he got to where he is in his life, but also on our current economy and the upcoming elections.”

“I left motivated and challenged,” said Joy Jeon ’13, a business administration and accounting major from Taichung, Taiwan. “Being surrounded by professionals and experts in their fields provided an excellent opportunity to network and helped me feel connected to the real world.”

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Bob Doll and President Lindsay