Gordon in the News: last updated 08/07/2012

Summer Scholars

Gordon students aren’t the only ones who see summer as an opportunity for fun or new experiences. Gordon’s faculty are busy, too, with special projects, study trips and ongoing research they’re passionate about.

Check out Faculty Central, the online "meeting place" highlighting Gordon's faculty, for a special "Summer Scholars" series:

  • Five Gordon professors are in Austria July 9 August 13 for the second annual symposium of the Salzburg Institute of Gordon College with the University of Salzburg.  Read more >>

  • What happened when Peter W. Iltis, professor of kinesiology and horn, got a call from world renowned horn player and ‘fearless’ performance coach, Jeff Nelsen, who is also a full professor at the prestigious Jacob School of Music at Indiana University and speaker at the TED Talks in July 2011? Read more >>

  • Honduras seems an unlikely place for an international gathering of scholars, ministers and community developers. But Jo Kadlecek, senior writer, journalist in residence and communication arts adjunct professor, was invited to cover one such unique seminar June 2329.  Read more >>

  • Theatre in Scotland & England: ‘A Crucible of Culture and Conversation.’ Mark Stevick, associate professor of English, and Norm Jones, professor of theatre arts, will lead 30 students—the most enrolled since the course began in 1995—for a week in Edinburgh, Scotland, and a week in London, England. Read more >>

  • Dr. Smith Goes to Washington. Again. Stephen Smith, professor of economics and business, presented new data on India at the U.S. International Trade Commission.  Read more >>



Peter Iltis, et. al.
Stevick et. al.