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A Global Shift

By Cheryl DeLuca ’00

In her nine years as international student advisor, Arlyne Van Dam Sargent has been an integral resource for students from all around the globe. Her warm and compassionate care has stretched far beyond the crucial work of legal documentation to include encouragement and advocacy—not to mention trips to the grocery store, the train station, and the Salem federal office.

Though we are sad to have to say goodbye to Arlyne, the GEO is looking forward to welcoming the international students under our wing. It represents an exciting opportunity to broaden and adjust the very way in which the Gordon community—faculty, staff, and students alike—understands “global education.”

Study-abroad offices often think of global education simply in terms of sending American students off-campus. But we should just as actively listen to and learn from our students from abroad who make their home on our campus.

I look forward to weaving Arlyne’s work with international students into a single fabric of care.

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