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Saving Art Education, One Buoy at a Time

By John Dixon Mirisola ’11

Dawn Gadow ’09 loves her work with the Gloucester, Massachusetts based nonprofit, Cape Ann Art Haven, which offers art enrichment and professional development programs for young artists. Since opening its doors for the first time in the summer of 2008, Art Haven has served nearly 600 students in its regular classes.

Gadow found her way to the organization during her senior year through an internship for her Advanced Media Relations course with Journalist in Residence Jo Kadlecek. “In Jo’s classes, this kind of work became a feasible reality, rather than just a vague idea for my future,” Dawn says. In Dawn’s case, that real-world experience yielded quick results. Immediately upon graduating, she accepted the position of executive director at the still fledgling nonprofit.

This past January, Gadow coordinated Art Haven’s third annual Buoy Auction at the Gloucester Yacht Club, featuring buoys painted by Art Haven students as well as professional artists. The local community came out in adamant support. The venue and the food were donated by local businesses and restaurants, volunteers donated their time, and Cape Ann residents posted generous bids to support local
art education.

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Dawn Gadow