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Making a 180-Degree Turn

Ramona (Hersey) Simons ’68, and her husband, Russ ’69, have been missionaries since 1973. Russ serves as regional advisor with Interdev Partnership Associates, serving in southern Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Ramona serves as founder and director of 180 Degrees Music Team, a group that trains Filipino Christian youth (ages 13–21) in cross-cultural missions using the medium of music. The youth commit themselves to 180 Degrees through a written covenant for a two-year period. They are then discipled and trained to give high-quality musical concerts to meet the “felt” needs of their peers and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through music, drama and testimony.

They present in many different venues and to all kinds of youth audiences, both locally and cross-culturally. The young people experience being part of the Great Commission through training and missions involvement in another Asian country.

180 Degrees fosters spiritual maturity in its participants through Bible studies, discipling groups, and interpersonal relationship-building activities. All of this is necessary for a ministry team working together for two years.

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