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Inspiration | Adrianne Cook '92, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

Deep Friendships

Mentors, confidants, friends. The relationships I found at Gordon 20 years ago still mean the world to me today. Some were faculty members who invested in me by teaching me their craft, listening to my questions, offering their counsel. Their office doors were always open.

Others were dedicated staff, people passionate about their work, but also about each student they worked with. I have such great memories of being on Orientation staff, being a resident assistant, giving campus tours—each area had amazingly committed staff who shone Christ’s light in whatever they were called to do.

I could fill the rest of this STILLPOINT with stories of the deep friendships I made here. Even after 20 years, it still feels like yesterday when we rehash our Gordon memories. When I was offered my dream job, I had my Gordon friends on my speed dial. When my dad passed away last year, the first person I called was one of my roommates from senior year.

In my role at Gordon, I am privileged to share with alumni and parents how important these types of relationships still are. Yes, the campus may look different than it did in 1992. Sure, there are many new faces and we’ve said goodbye to some very dear ones over the years. But what is so inspiring to me now is that those crucial, life-changing relationships are still found here today.

Getting to see a freshman class come onto campus and meet the mentors and friends they’ll know the rest of their lives is a tremendous blessing. What a joy to see all those relationships lived out at Gordon and beyond.

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Adrianne Cook