The Latest with Lindsay: last updated 03/08/2012

How to Steer a Ship In a Storm

"Traditional higher education is passing through troubled waters," begins the cover story in the latest issue of Christianity Today

Gordon College President Michael Lindsay and Wheaton College President Philip Ryken were recently co-interviewed by CT about the challenges and strengths of Christian higher education. 

Both are relatively new to their roles (Lindsay was inaugurated in 2011, Ryken in 2010), and both share a passion for Christian higher education, along with an infectious enthusiasm about the particular institutions they lead. 

"The college presidency is perhaps the prototype for the way leadership gets exercised in our society today," Lindsay states. "The notion that somebody can issue a directive that everyone follows, if that ever was true, is certainly not true today. It is especially not true on college campuses. Persuasion is the coin of the realm in leadership." 

The interview is available at Christianity Today.


Bruce Herman, art professor and Lothlórien Chair of Fine Arts, was featured in a full-page ad in CT promoting Gordon. Several more of Gordon's many outstanding faculty will be featured in the ad series, which aims to raise awareness of the high quality of faculty-student mentoring relationships. 

Read more about Bruce's work, and more about Gordon's excellent faculty.