Gordon in the News: last updated 01/30/2012

H.M.S. Pinafore - A Gilbert & Sullivan Classic

photos by Rebecca Wolseley '12

Two performances of the classic Gilbert & Sullivan operetta H.M.S. Pinafore took place at Gordon College over the weekend, combining the talents of the Departments of Music and of Theatre Arts. 

Featuring a 24-piece orchestra and cast of 34 singing sailors, cousins, sisters and aunts, it was an operetta about love between different social classes. With two ardent young lovers, a ship captain who’s “hardly ever” seasick, and the Lord of the Navy—who's never been to sea—it was a wonderful blend of humor, irresistible tunes and wry social commentary.

Jeff Miller (professor of theatre arts) was the director, and the music was directed by Michael Monroe (assistant professor of music). “Gilbert and Sullivan remind us why we love the fine confection of clever lyric, soaring melody and harmony,” said Miller. “What's fun about an operetta is how the music enriches the subtext in such immediate ways. Composition opens clues to characters and becomes a guide raising the importance and status of the moment.” Gilbert and Sullivan productions "smartly marry text and melody while simultaneously skewering the political, sociological and artistic trends of the day,” said Miller.
This was the second Gilbert & Sullivan operetta collaboration between the two performance arts programs at the College—last year’s showings of Pirates of Penzance also filled the seats of Gordon's 1000+ seat chapel. “There are real advantages to drawing on the strengths of both departments since these shows have their musical roots in the world of opera but also anticipate the lively theatrical style of Broadway musical theater,” said Monroe, who created an orchestra of both students and orchestra mentors for the production. “The music department was able to provide an orchestra and experienced choral singers, while the theatre arts department brought experienced actors and expertise in stagecraft. I loved seeing how students from both departments were stretched in new directions by this interdisciplinary performance relationship.”



Ralph Rackstraw:
Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B.:
Captain Corcoran:
Dick Deadeye:
Cousin Hebe:
Bill Bobstay:
Bob Becket:
Abby Booth
John Cunningham
Ryan Coil
Taylor Nelson
Olivia King
George Merusi
Kelsey Langness
Wesley Newcomb
Jon Alvarado

Sir Joseph's Sisters, Cousins and Aunts:

Cynthia Altsman, Kelsie Davidson, Ariana Denardo, Sarah Hand, Emily Hutchings, Danielle Johnson, Kari Mayne, Christiana McMullen, Rachael Morrisey, Abigail Nelson, Katie Percuoco, Avery Peterman, Eliscia Picard, Rachel Reed, Erica Roark, Micaela Slaeker, Mary Speta, Chelsea Thompson, Marie Ware, Tessa White, Thais Ziegenhals


David Alvarado, Cristin Gordon, Rebekah Jordan, Jon Lewis, Luke Miller, Luke Padilla, Chris Preyer, Jonathan Rowe, Carl Schultz, Jonmichael Tarleton, Alessio Tranchell, Chris Vigneau, Benjamin Wright


Music Director
Set Design/Scenic Charge
Set Design/Technical Director
Costume Design
Assistant Costume Designer
Lighting Design/Sound Tech
Production Manager
Publicity and Box Office

Jeffrey S. Miller
Michael Monroe
Carissa Gerber
Nate Punches
Christine Alger
Lauren Mawe
Eric Cade
Amber Primm
Greg Lowther

Choreography Assistant
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Cristin Gordon
Samuel Dennis
Arielle Cimino
Geena Santiago
Master Carpenter
Tyrel Borowitz
Luke Miller
Bekah Jordan
Painter Corinne Grant
Thais Ziegenhals
Prop Master
First-hand Stitchers
Ashely Doucette
Katharine Adamyk
Jasmine Myers
Stitchers Kristin Bollier
Natalie Miller
Erin Montoya
Erica Roark
Kenny Smith
Elissa Sundet
Cassie West
Spotlight Operator
Amelia Haas
Ellex Medina
Ashley Doucette
Lightboard Operator Dan Campoblanco




Violin I

Melissa Bull Di Gaetano*
Hyeyon Lim
Susanna Monroe*

Violin II
Christine Allison
Katie Weber
Diane Park

Joe Simcox*
Jordan Voelker*

Roman Bull Di Gaetano
Beth Sharp

Tchavdar Natchev-Peno*

Melissa Sakow
Chelsea Anderson


Emma Gibbins

Christine Baboian
Juliann Booth

Becky McCatty*

Hannah Fitzgerald
Matt Shute

Fred Sienkiewicz*
Elijah Langille

Andrew Arnold
Madeleine Berner

Gordon Williams

* denotes guest artist


C. Thomas Brooks
Leo Cleary
Anita Coco
Alice Dennis
Andrew Gobiel
Lynn Hand
Andrew Hoover
Mary Miller
Priscilla Nelson
Karen and Jill Rogati
Nathan Skinner
Joan Wendt