Gordon in the News: last updated 12/02/2011

In the Spirit of Professional Advice

photo by Rebecca Wolseley '12

Recently Gordon students were invited by the Washington Post to submit essays on mentorship from a religious perspective. Was it a challenge to marry spiritual and professional mentorship? Could an effective mentor balance the two? The students were encouraged to draw on their personal experiences and perspectives. Of many intriguing essays submitted, three were sent as finalists to the Post. Hilary Sherratt's essay, "In the Spirit of Professional Advice," was chosen for publication in the series “Leadership Reimagined.” (Hilary, above, is also pictured in the home-page photo with her father, Timothy Sherratt, professor of political studies at Gordon.)

From Rowley, Massachusetts, Hilary is a senior Pike scholar majoring in religion, ethics and politics. She recently returned to campus from a semester in Washington, D.C. at the American Studies Program. She blogs at Sittin' There on Capitol, Hil ("Journeys of a 20-something to Washington, D.C., and beyond into the world"; check out the post: "How Wonderful Life Is (I Sing a Little Elton John)" and loves all kinds of writing. After graduation Hilary hopes to spend more time in Washington, D.C. before pursuing graduate school in theology and history. 

"In particular, I hope to study religious and political history in Europe after World War II," she says. "I am writing a senior research thesis this year on Jacques Maritain, an influential Catholic philosopher during that time period. I plan to continue to study Maritain's political philosophy, as well as the relationship between religion and politics more generally. I will also continue to study theology, especially Catholic theology, to deepen my understanding of my faith and its intersection with history and politics."

Read Hilary's essay in the Washington Post online >>