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New Faculty Faces

Walter Cho, biology, joins Gordon in a one-year position, filling in for Dorothy Boorse while she is on a grant-funded leave to write an environmental science textbook. With a bachelor’s degree from Harvard and a doctorate from M.I.T., Walter is a postdoctoral investigator at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, studying the diversity of invertebrate associates of deep-sea corals in the Gulf of Mexico. He recently spent time in the Gulf, measuring the impact of major oil spills on marine life.

Daniel Darko, biblical studies and Christian ministries, earned his doctorate at King’s College (University of London) after studying in Croatia and his native Ghana. Previously he was an associate pastor at Light of the World Church in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and a visiting professor at the University of Scranton. About his approach to teaching, Darko says, “As one who promotes learning and equips students in developing their God-given potential, my motto as educator and pastor is ‘learning and empowerment.’”

Andrew Moore, economics and business, holds from Troy State University an M.S. in management, which he completed through a special program in the Netherlands, and an M.S. in Christian counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University. Over the past 15 years he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at a number of institutions, most recently Eastern University. He is also a certified public accountant in both Texas and Pennsylvania.

Andrew Stuart, economics and business, joined the accounting faculty after serving as director of financial planning and budgeting at Gordon for the past four years. He earned his M.B.A. from the University of New Hampshire. On the subject of teaching, Andrew says, “One of my great responsibilities is to help students progress toward their ultimate calling as part of God’s Kingdom. There is a tremendous need for Christian businessmen and busineswomen in our society; business leaders who will follow biblical principles—in how they manage employees, report earnings, and perform audits, among other things.”

Chad Stutz, English language and literature, comes to Gordon from the University of Mobile, where he was assistant professor of English. He earned his doctorate from Boston College and specializes in Victorian literature and culture. Chad says, “A Christian liberal arts education is an act of loving investigation—an attempt to see Christ more clearly in all things, and all things more clearly in Christ.”

Justin Topp, biology, comes to Gordon from North Park University in Chicago and earned his Ph.D. in biological chemistry at the University of Texas- Southwestern Medical Center. A molecular and cell biologist, Justin’s current research involves the collection and characterization of tick-borne disease agents in the Chicago area—work he hopes to extend to Massachusetts.

Alice Tsang, economics and business, taught several business courses at Gordon over the past year and became a full-time faculty member in the fall. Alice earned her M.B.A. at New York University’s Stern School of Business. In addition to teaching, Alice will serve as director of Asian initiatives, working collaboratively on recruitment and donor relations in Asia.

Distinguished Faculty Awards

During Commencement Provost Mark Sargent presented the Junior and Senior Distinguished Faculty Awards to Graeme Bird, associate professor of linguistics and classics, and Ted Wood, professor of economics and business. Nominations are received from faculty and graduating seniors and are based on performance, scholarly and professional excellence, and service to the College and community.

Bird (Junior Award) was honored for his many contributions to Gordon, including his offerings as co-creator of the linguistics major and creator of the classics minor; for his recent book on the early manuscripts of the Iliad: Multitextuality in the Homeric Iliad: The Witness of Ptoelmaic Papyri; for his contributions to the Core Committee; for tutoring Latin students; for providing extra help to students needing additional support; and his many independent studies with students.

Originally from New Zealand, where he studied classics and mathematics, Bird also has a theology degree from London, a jazz piano degree from Berklee College of Music, and a linguistics and classics degree from Harvard University, specializing in Indo-European languages and the poetics of Homer’s Iliad.

Wood (Senior Award) retired in May after 30 years of teaching. Stephen Smith, chair of the Economics and Business Department says, “Ted arrived in the department when it was taking its first steps, and he was instrumental in building the business and accounting majors. His unwavering vision for the role of liberal arts inside accounting, and the contribution of accounting to Christian vocations, has been a lodestar for the department.”

Wood also helped develop Gordon’s internship and cooperative education programs. He faithfully offered tax advice and assistance to international students and guided the startup of a nonprofit minor and institute.

Wood was honored for his long hours, candor and collegiality, poise and good humor, and for finishing strong—using his final years to launch the nonprofit minor and institute, chair the Faculty Welfare Committee, and prepare accountants to be professionally equipped and deeply committed to the highest ethical protocols.

New Faces in the President’s Office

Along with several thousand new books, four new faces have arrived in the President’s Office. Marge Dwyer, executive assistant to the president, comes to Gordon after serving as an event and marketing manager with Pearson Education in Boston. Mary Grace Hager, special assistant to the president, supports the president’s research and communication initiatives. A graduate of Rice University, she was part of President Lindsay’s research team there. Jim Pocock, counselor to the president, represents the president with major supporters of the College. Jim comes to Gordon from the senior pastorate of Trinitarian Congregational Church in Wayland, Massachusetts. Kathy Walker, assistant to the president for external relations, joins the Gordon community after serving for eight years at Lexington Christian Academy in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Alumnus Donates Equipment to Gordon’s Biology Department

When Ken Stewart’s company, Ischemix, found itself with a surplus of lab equipment, Kent Stewart ’93 thought of his alma mater. Through the generosity of Stewart and Ischemix—located in Maynard, Massachusetts—Gordon’s Biology Department now has some exciting new lab tools. They include two Bio-Rad fraction collectors, a Stratagene Robocycler PCR machine, a sonicator with sound-proof cabinet, as well as a cell culture centrifuge.

“This equipment is particularly timely because our new faculty hire, Justin Topp, studies membranes, and the sonicator in particular could be very useful to his research,” says Craig Story, associate professor of biology.

Stewart has worked for the last six years at Ischemix, where he and colleagues used the tools to study ischemia, which occurs during heart attacks or strokes when blood vessels are blocked. As a result, Ischemix currently has drugs in clinical trials to be tested for effectiveness.

The equipment Ischemix donated to Gordon would be worth tens of thousands of dollars if purchased new, according to Story. “We’re very grateful for the generosity of Ischemix, president Dr. Reinier Beeuwkes and Ken for their generosity to Gordon College,” he says. 

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