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Community Matters

What a time we had for Homecoming and Family Weekend!

Starting with Friday’s Great Scots Reception, when Carrie Tibbles ’93 (above, third from left) received the 2011 Alumna of the Year award; to Michael Lindsay’s new Conversations with the President Homecoming Panel (below); to Sunday morning’s worship service with Richard ’58 and Carol (Edwards) ’57 Visser, it is clear Gordon alumni are out in the world doing amazing work for
the Kingdom.

In addition to the hundreds of alumni who turned out, the weekend was a great opportunity for Gordon’s community to meet with parents of current students. This year’s President’s Reception at Wilson House—a reception just for parents—had record attendance, and the Science Carnival offered by our Natural Science Division faculty and students, along with La Vida activities, meant siblings of students were engaged on campus as well.

Some of Gordon’s most heartfelt supporters—retired faculty—gathered on the second floor of Frost Hall for the Princemere Fellowship Lunch to talk about research discoveries, amazing times with students, and pioneer days of accreditation for Gordon programs. Here are some “best moment” memories from their days teaching at Gordon:

“Best moment? When our first student was accepted
to medical school. His name was David Hall, and he was our first premed student at Gordon. He went to the University of Vermont Medical School. It was a very proud moment for our department.”
—Dr. Richard Wright

“I was working on some research with one of my students. We were screening bacteria for New England Biolabs. During our research, my student discovered new enzymes. The discoveries led to an immediate job offer from New England Biolabs after graduation. His name is Rick Morgan, and he one of their outstanding researchers to this day.”
—Dr. Russ Camp

“I used to love playing Frisbee at lunch with students. Best memory was the time we played on ice skates over a frozen quad.”
—Dr. Jack Haas Jr.

“I loved teaching Old Testament to first-year students. By the end of the course the Scriptures would come alive—become more than just stories. We’d end the class with a Q & A time, and we’d talk and talk until we were kicked out of the room. They were great students—they were great times.”
—Dr. Lloyd Carr

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