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Inspiration | Rita Smith Dove

Career Coaching as a Calling
Rita Smith Dove, Associate Director of Career Services

The incoming class of 2015 marks the 16th class of students that Rita Smith Dove will coach through resume writing, interview preparation, and the career planning process.

Dove’s educational background is in psychology and counseling with an interest in personality type and how it shapes career direction. As the associate director of Career Services, Dove works with a broad range of Gordon community members, including current students and alumni of all ages.

“Our office has some way of assisting everyone, whether it’s reviewing a resume or helping with decisions about choosing a major or graduate school,” says Dove. “Every day someone I can help in a practical way knocks on my door. I love that!”

One of Dove’s favorite parts of her job is getting to know people and what they are passionate about. “When a student walks in without a defined career vision—and oftentimes without a lot of hope—it’s fun to help them explore how their natural gifts, passions and what they’re learning here at Gordon fit with a career calling.” Dove uses assessments such as the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator to help make connections between personality type and congruent career options.

In addition to Dove, the Career Services Office is staffed by Pam Lazarakis, director of Career Services, and Ginny Saulnier, administrative assistant. “My colleagues in Career Services are dedicated to helping our students and alumni, and we work continually to improve our services to do so,” says Dove. “I’m thankful that coming to work each morning is really a joy.”

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Rita Smith Dove