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The Carlberg Years: A Timeline

View graphical timeline of Gordon news and world events during the Carlberg years (pdf).

Strategic Plans and Capital Campaigns

Since 1994 Gordon College has operated according to several strategic plans and several accompanying capital campaigns. During the Carlberg presidency, total giving increased fivefold, resulting in a substantial increase in scholarship aid as well as the new Bennett Athletic and Recreation Center, the Phillips Music Center, and the Barrington Center for the Arts. Four new residence halls—Tavilla, Fulton, Nyland and Chase Halls—were added 1998–2003. In 2005 the Brigham Athletic Complex was completed. Carlberg also helped secure the creation of the Ken Olsen Science Center, an 80,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility.

Programs and Initiatives

Many distinctive academic programs have come into existence during Jud Carlberg’s presidency. The Center for Christian Studies, launched in 1994, has emerged as a leading forum within Christian academic circles. On the global education front, the College now offers over 20 approved programs, including Gordon in Aix (France) and Gordon in Orvieto (Italy), which began in the 1990s; and, in 2011, Gordon in Romania. The College has also reconnected with its urban roots by establishing internship and service-learning programs in Boston and Lynn, Massachusetts.

Results and Recognitions

An important part of the College’s history can be read in votes of confidence in the form of awards, grants and gifts. The College has received major grants from the Lilly, Pew, Stratford and Kresge Foundations, as well as naming gifts from benefactors including Tom Phillips, Ken Olsen, and Dale E. and Sarah Ann Fowler. Gordon has also been impressively ranked in college guides including Kiplinger's and The Princeton Review. Faculty and administrators have also been recognized for their achievements and contributions.

World Context

The Carlberg presidency has played out during a tumultuous two decades of American and world history. Because of Jud Carlberg’s commitment to allowing students to take their Gordon scholarship aid off campus, student participation in study-abroad programs has grown to nearly 40 percent compared to the national average, which is closer to 2 percent. Carlberg’s practical vision of equipping students to better understand and serve in the world has shaped hundreds of Gordon students.

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