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Inspiration | Gaynelle Weiss

Around the Corner from the President:
Gaynelle Weiss, assistant to the president 

Behind a great leader there is often a great assistant who holds everything together—schedules meetings, protects the calendar, makes sure things happen on time, and takes care of all the details. Here are some reflections by Gaynelle Weiss, Jud Carlberg’s assistant for the last eight years.

My job is like watching television with a clicker in hand: The phone rings; groups arrive for meetings; trustees and major donors stop by; parents seek guidance from the President’s Office. I never know what to expect when I come to work.

My job is interesting, and I genuinely enjoy the people with whom I work. My responsibilities vary during the academic year: A new semester begins; the Board of Trustees meet; Commencement culminates the year-end; and the cycle begins again. Students, faculty, staff, donors, parents, alumni and guests of the College all come through the President’s Office.

When I interviewed for this position, Jud and Jan were incredibly pleasant and kind. Often interviewers present themselves in a very positive light, but once the work begins they are not always as pleasant. Both Jud and Jan continue to be genuine and kind—the same people who interviewed me.

During my time at Gordon, the College has grown in more effective and efficient management of financial and human resources while maintaining a constant focus on Christian values and excellence. It has been good during the stresses in the global economy to have the steady hand of President Carlberg at the helm.

I have looked forward to coming to work—in large part because Jud and Jan Carlberg are genuine and constant. What they say, they live. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work for and with them.

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