STILLPOINT Archive: last updated 07/17/2012

Are You Up for a Challenge?


Introducing the 175 Challenge—an alumni participation outreach for the Gordon College Annual Fund. Gifts to the Annual Fund make a vital difference in many areas of the College, particularly core priorities like student financial aid, faculty support, and programs that are a daily part of the Gordon experience.

Why is your participation so important? Alumni giving, as measured by the percentage of alumni who make a gift of any amount in the fiscal year, is widely regarded as an indicator of loyalty and support for an institution, and it even factors into annual college rankings like those in U.S. News and World Report. In recent years Gordon’s alumni giving has lagged behind other Christian colleges. We can do better.

That’s where you can help right now. The “175” in this challenge refers to the number of days we’ve opened up the challenge to you before the end of the fiscal year in June. It also ties into a major focus on campus this semester: the 175th birthday of our founder, A. J. Gordon. The entire community is celebrating the uncommon courage, everyday faith, and steadfast devotion to the mission of Gordon College exemplified by A. J. Gordon’s life and legacy. It’s a spirit embodied by Gordon alumni like you and by the students who depend on the Annual Fund.

Help your fellow alumni meet the 175 Challenge. The countdown has begun.

Can we count on you?

Here are two simple ways to make sure you are counted:

Make a gift online at
This is the easiest way to join your fellow alumni in reaching our goal.

Mail a gift to Gordon at:
Gordon College
Development Office
Attn: Stewardship Coordinator
255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, MA 01984