Gordon in the News: last updated 06/13/2011

What Is Gordon College Symposium?

“Outside the classroom” is both literal—as with “Read-In on the Quad” (pictured on homepage), one of Symposium’s most visible events—and metaphorical, including indoor and outdoor presentations, panel discussions, debates, poetry readings, dramatic performances, dance and music performances, art exhibits and service projects. The common thread running through the day is that students and faculty reverse their usual roles.  

This year's more than 30 topics included: 

  •   Oxford-style debate on the free market economy
  •   Intercession: a participatory workshop 
  •   Keeping the Passover festival: sanctifying and remembering God’s
      redeeming presence: 
  •   Social entrepreneurship and how it relates to a local, green economy.  
  •   Recycled materials sculpture contest

Photos by Danny Ebersole ’11; students with mulch pile by Kristin Rydbeck ’04

Listen to “Recycled Rhythms” that took place in honor of Earth Week in front of Lane Student Center:

This year's theme, “Origins and Originality,” honored the 175th birthday of Gordon’s founding father, A. J. Gordon. Past themes have included: Art at the Millennium: Makers and Consumers of Culture (1999); Body Talk: Embodiment as Blessing, Constraint, and Offense (2001); Work and Play (2003); The Coming of Global Christianity: Turning the World Upside Down (2005); Authenticity: To Know Truly and Be Truly Known (2007); and Creation Care: The Challenges and Opportunities of the Ecological Crisis (2009).

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