Gordon in the News: last updated 02/21/2011

Gordon Students Make the Most of Snow Days!

By Natalie Ferjulian '10

(Homepage photo by Rebecca Powell, article photos by Natalie FItzpatrick '11, Emme Covert '11 and Rebecca Powell.)

With record setting storms this winter, Gordon has already had its share of snow days. But how exactly do students spend their time on a snow day? We were curious, too, so we polled as many as we could find. Here’s what some of them said:

“Some of the guys from the soccer team headed to the Bennett and played indoor soccer. Then we went sledding behind Frost, climbed snow mountains, and enjoyed being outside!”
Blake Berkey ’11, finance; Akron, Ohio

“My friends and I had a Toy Story and food marathon in the Chase lounge. We watched all three movies in about six hours and ate leftover Lane French fries, chicken fingers and pizza.”
Amanda Wolfe ’14, Christian ministries and biblical and theological studies; Hudson, Massachusetts

“I spent my entire day in Jenks catching up on homework. I was glad for the opportunity!”
Angie Randlett ’11, social work; Southport, Maine

“My roommate and I share the same celebrity crush--Natalie Portman--so we decided to write her a song. I play bass and sing; my roommate plays guitar. We plan to record it and send it to her agent.”
Rafaell Rozendo ’12, biology and philosophy; Santa Barbara, California

“I finally got a chance to clean my room! Things have been piling up all semester, so I decided to make my mom proud and get to organizing!”
Lindsey de Villiers ’11, communication arts; Chattanooga, Tennessee

“The GCSA Cabinet and I have been trying to find time to rewrite the GCSA bylaws. Six of us spent the snow day in Chester’s Place working through the text. We were very productive!”
Corinne Ventura ’12, political science; Cohoes, New York

“I grabbed two of my buddies when school let out on Tuesday and headed to my family’s farm. We worked Wednesday morning in exchange for snowmobiling in the afternoon.”
Berge Ferjulian ’12, business administration; Hudson, Massachusetts

“It was still snowing pretty hard, but a friend and I strapped on our snowshoes and went for a two-hour adventure in the Gordon woods. It was awesome!”
Krysti Leach ’12, kinesiology; Naples, Maine

Over a span of two days and 14 hours, Gordon students, Endicott students and prospective students joined forces to erect Gordon College’s newest building—an igloo in front of A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel. Gordon student snow architects include:

Chelsea Rhoads '13, Christian ministries and English; New Ipswich, New Hampshire
Christina Alvernaz '12, linguistics; Antioch, California
Lee Andrews '13, chemistry; Highland Park, New Jersey
Matt Jass '13, international affairs; Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Michela Kendrick-Tedesco '12, art; Franklin, Massachusetts
Kyle Lincoln '13, biblical and theological studies; Dennis Port, Massachusetts
Deena Nieuwenhuis '13, accounting and history; Mystic, Connecticut
Rylee Rainwater '14, psychology; Corona, California
Mike Spatz '13, Christian ministries; Edison, New Jersey
Kate Tortland '13, art; West Granby, Connecticut

“Since my walking commute wasn’t too treacherous, I fixed computers in CTS for most of the day.”
Jeff Hwang ’11, economics and biblical and theological students; North Andover, Massachusetts

“The most exciting part of my day was discussing the merits of basketball and why the Lakers and Celtics will be duking it out once again this season.”
James Cassell ’11, music and political science; Simi Valley, California

“I woke up just in time for pancake breakfast with my Tavilla apartment mates, followed by a few movies.”
Michelle Webber ’11, communication arts; Blue Hill, Maine

“I got the snow blower out and helped neighbors clear their driveways.”
Andrew O’Brien ’12, English and philosophy; South Hamilton, Massachusetts

"I started a blog of poetry. This was my first post."  
Sara Reiley '10, English; Bolton, Massachusetts  

Night Field 

Tramping through trees,
almost home. Then-
white field. So white,
untouchable and smooth
solid ice, with sloping stomach.
Round neck and arms bared
Boldly (but not coyly)
Sedately for the moon.

I stop in shadow
Close my eyes
But decide the beauty is too much.
Flawless, she is.
I cannot step into her wedding

The crisp edges of the field
Sweep motionless. She waits
At the altar, her dress a pile.
Black night wavers
Trembles, reaches down.
Even the invisible marks
Of a light sparrow running
Scores the field’s smooth train
(Not like lace), but like a patch
Sewn roughly on by V-stitches.

Across the field a door opens,
Spills strident mustard on the bridal front.
You are waiting.
Groaning, my boots pierce the field.
No longer virgin, the field quavers,
Fades gray.
The white moon turns away.