Gordon in the News: last updated 01/28/2011

Moving Day for The Sciences at Gordon: Phase II

By Cyndi McMahon

Since 1980 Gordon's Physics Department has delivered most of its programming in an all-purpose lab in MacDonald Hall, supported by a small optics lab and workshop on the first floor. It was a similar story for math and computer science faculty. Those days are now in the past. Over Christmas break these departments all moved into their new classrooms and labs on the second floor of the Ken Olsen Science Center. 

"What a joy it is to be in such a great space," said Jonathan Senning, professor of mathematics and computer science. "We have beautiful offices overlooking Coy Pond (or at least I'll be able to see the pond once I clear the stacks of moving crates in my office), bright open rooms for students in mathematics and computer science to meet and work together, and brand new workstations for research projects. We're also excited to be back in the same building with our biology and chemistry colleagues."

When students returned for the spring semester, those in the physics, math and computer science programs found their facilities moved to the Olsen Center. Labs include a spacious physics introduction lab, optics, electronics, advanced, and smaller research labs for group projects. Math students will enjoy personalized environs in the Thomas Phillips Math Library, and computer science students will enjoy their new department lab with impressive equipment improvements from when they left for winter break.

Prospective students can visit the science center and new classrooms by registering for Science Experience Day on February 7.