Gordon in the News: last updated 12/13/2010

Gordon and Beyond: Good News About Outcomes

Why do so many Gordon grads go on to complete graduate degrees? The short answer: high expectations, a multitude of opportunities and a campus culture of mentoring and encouragement.

About 85% of current Gordon students actively consider pursuing graduate studies. Within five years of graduation, 65 to 70 percent of them will have either earned graduate degrees or be enrolled in graduate programs, and 87 percent of those same surveyed will have entered full- or part-time work in their field.  

Gordon's location a short drive from Boston allows faculty to be actively involved in the vibrant intellectual and research communities beyond the Gordon campus.These connections, in which Gordon faculty are valued contributors to cutting-edge cultural conversations and research, have paved the way for excellent internship, graduate school and career opportunities for Gordon students. 

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