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Photo Essay: A. J. Gordon's Seven Themes Today

Seven recurring themes in A. J. Gordon’s life and vision—servant leadership, global missions, worship, social justice, education, evangelism and theology—are being celebrated by the College during this 175th anniversary year of his birth. STILLPOINT contacted alumni and student photographers with a challenge: Show STILLPOINT readers, in compelling imagery, ways A. J. Gordon’s vision is being realized in the ongoing life of the College, both on and off campus. These are a selection of the many fine responses to the assignment we received.



Planting Seeds
photo by Abby Carlson '12

Students from Gordon College were among the first Westerners to make contact with several remote Senegalese villages four years ago. This past summer another group from Gordon returned. Molly Ponzio ’13 was among them.

The group traveled from village to village, making friends with the Senegalese and running vacation Bible school clubs for the children. Along the way they learned a lot about Senegal, Islam and African traditions.

“Pastor Pierre—the pastor of one of the villages—and I planted this mango tree together,” says Molly. “He wanted each of us to plant a tree, knowing it was symbolic of our purpose in life—planting seeds in people’s hearts.”


Feeding Little Ones
photo by Jesse Poole '11

Emmanuel “Manny” Arango ’10 (pictured) and Jesse Poole ’11 spent time in Kayamandi, a township in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Partnering with Kuyasa Horizon Empowerment, a relief organization, Manny and Jesse helped feed 300 kids.


At Bethel Chapel
photo by Mark Connor '11

Tucked behind the back side of Frost, along an overgrown and forgotten walkway, this tiny, unofficial chapel provides a place to worship, rest and find solace. It’s where Mark Connor ’11, like many other Gordon students, likes to go when he needs to clear his head and spend time with God. The paper scraps on this shelf are students’ prayer requests.


Guatemalan Family
photo by Scotland Huber '09

Scotland Huber ’09 didn’t know that signing up for a mission trip to Guatemala would change his outlook on poverty. But when his team did house visits in Amatitlan, Scotland met this family, and his eyes were opened. “Somehow taking them a bag of food and praying with them didn’t seem to solve the bigger problem: Is this bag of food just putting a Band-Aid on a larger problem?”


In the Classroom
photo by Gabe Davis '02

Sara (Lamb) Doughty ’04 is one of many alumni who began teaching careers at North Shore Christian School (NSCS) in Lynn, Massachusetts. Gordon’s education alumni continue to have an impact on area schools, both public and private.


photo by Michela Kendrick-Tedesco '13

This photo of Matt Jass ’13 conveys, in symbolic form, a familiar challenge: how to come to terms with disorder and destruction in the world without being overcome by it? Gordon students often feel helpless in the face of great need. Christlike living “in the lives of others” is a lesson learned in stages.


photo by Monika Krahn '13

The A. J. Gordon Memorial Chapel is a set-apart place where thousands of students have sung, prayed, worshiped and, at times, wrestled with God. Many have met Him in fresh ways in the words of a speaker, professor or fellow student, and come to know more fully what it means to live as beloved children of God.

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