Gordon in the News: last updated 09/17/2010

Location, Location, Location

Aerial view of Gordon's campus

Where a college is matters—but "where" has many dimensions. Where is Gordon College, anyway?

Picture concentric circles: at the center is our campus in Wenham, where students build knowledge and relationships that will influence them the rest of their lives. Next is Boston's North Shore, with its beautiful woodlands, coastal salt marshes, beaches and layers of New England history. Then Greater Boston, with its world-class research and cultural institutions. Boston itself is just a half-hour train ride from Wenham, and it's one of the more "walkable" cities in the world, with vibrant street life.  

And Gordon's location doesn't end there. Gordon offers a multitude of off-campus programs around the world as well as across the United States. These extend the Gordon experience to areas where students develop academic competencies unavailable on campus, and engage with the host community in a positive, Christlike manner.

Gordon's location matters—and here are just a few of its many dimensions:

Placemarker Life on campus
Placemarker Life off campus
Placemarker  An area rich in history
Placemarker  Boston: just a train ride away
Placemarker  The City of Lynn: a window to the world
Placemarker  New York: four hours away
Placemarker A semester in Uganda

Gordon's IN Orvieto, Italy

...and in many other locations worldwide.