Honors at Gordon

Honors at Gordon

Learning and Leading at Gordon
Gordon offers a full menu of distinct and dynamic Honors, Scholars, and Fellows program options for select students to advance their unique academic and personal goals. Our variety of options gives each student flexibility in crafting a personalized academic plan that features traditional Honors coursework and programs, as well as the chance to incorporate other leading and learning program options, too!

Why limit your choices?
Rather than a singular, prescribed Honors experience, we believe higher learning is best achieved when students follow their academic curiosity to engage the multiple points of thoughtful study, experience and leadership that truly complements their unique goals.

Gordon offers over 200 different combinations of Honors, Scholars, Fellowships and Leadership programs. Talk with us about how to build a plan for you!

Honors Programs

Honors programs have curricular, credit-bearing coursework combined with individualized or small cohort-based learning with an emphasis on the traditions and possibilities of the Christian liberal arts and sciences.

Scholars Programs
Scholars programs are denoted by small cohorts of ambitious thinkers and initiators, and feature co-curricular components selected to complement and advance a scholar's personal and professional development in their chosen field.

Fellows & Leadership Programs
Fellowships are partnered practical experiences in learning and leading that challenge a student's pursuit of personal and professional goals, while inviting creative engagement through leadership on the campus or in communities locally, regionally, or globally.