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Honors at Gordon

Why limit your choices? Our robust set of honors options lets you pursue your individual interests and passions alongside our esteemed faculty, in the company of ambitious peers, or under the wings of our senior leadership. With more than 200 combinations of Honors, Scholars, and Fellows and Leadership programs, we’ll help you tailor your experience to achieve your personal, academic and professional goals. We see learning as a vocational adventure, and we’re here to help you navigate your course.

Honors Programs
Pursue advanced study and research options for credit

Scholars Programs
Learn to lead and serve in a cohort-based environment

Fellows & Leadership
Explore your passions by apprenticing with a Gordon staff member for a year


Students often pursue a variety of Honors, Scholars, Fellows and Leadership programs simultaneously. This chart outlines the varying start dates for our programs, which span from one-year to four-year commitments. Several other distinguished opportunities, outlined below, are also available throughout your four years.

First-Year Sophomore Year Junior Year Senior Year
Four Year Honors Program
    Departmental Honors
  Pike Program
  Jerusalem & Athens Forum Jerusalem & Athens Forum Jerusalem & Athens Forum
A. J. Scholars*    
Clarendon Scholars*
Forrester Fellows*      
Gross Fellows*      
Wood Fellows*      
    Presidential Fellows Presidential Fellows
500+ student leadership roles
Additional distinguished opportunities

 Honors Scholars Fellows & Leadership

* Requires invitation from the Admissions Office during senior year of high school.


Additional Distinguished Opportunities 

  • Honors course sections: Several courses, such as The Great Conversation (first-year seminar), offer honors sections for high-achieving students. 
  • Honors associations: Students may qualify to participate in one of six discipline-specific honors associations.
  • Academic honors: Exceptional student performance is recognized with term-by-term academic honors, and with honors awards at Commencement.
  • Research: Gain valuable mentoring and experience with hands-on research by working one-on-one with renowned faculty across disciplines.
  • Internships: Available close to Gordon and around the globe, internships offer opportunities for real-world experience and applied learning. 
  • Global Education: Pursue one of our highly selective study abroad programs, like the Scholars Semester in Oxford or the Budapest Semester in Mathematics.

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