Academic Honors

Honors are based on all grades earned at Gordon College or on programs for which Gordon College awards the academic program (such as Gordon in Aix, Orvieto, Outdoor Education Immersion or Boston semesters or programs of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities).

A. J. Gordon Fellows. Students are selected during the admissions process, based on academic excellence and promise of achievement and leadership. A. J. Gordon Fellows must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA.

Term Honors:

  • Dean's List. To qualify for the dean's list for a given semester, students must carry at least 12 eligible credits (not counting satisfactory/unsatisfactory courses or incompletes) with an average of 3.50–3.74 and no grade below C.
  • Presidential Honors. To qualify for presidential honors for a given semester, students must carry at least 12 eligible credits (not counting satisfactory/unsatisfactory courses or incompletes) with an average of 3.75 or better and no grade below C.

Kenneth L. Pike Honors Program
Exceptional students are invited to apply to become a Pike Scholar with an opportunity to complete unique academic goals through individualized, interdisciplinary programs of study. A 3.5 cumulate GPA must be maintained. See Honors Programs to left.

Jerusalem and Athens Forum
The Jerusalem and Athens Forum is a one-year great books honors program in the history of Christian thought and literature. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and sophomore status to begin the program. Twelve credit hours, including core credit, if needed, for history (4 credits), philosophy (2 credits) and literature (2 credits). Application of credit to a major is at the discretion of individual departments. In a small-seminar setting, students will read and discuss classic texts from antiquity to the present, focusing on their implications for present-day living, learning and leadership. Additional activities of the program include retreats to explore questions of personal vocation and intellectual commitment, cultural activities in Boston and the North Shore, a public debate on an issue of pressing moral concern, roundtable discussions with Gordon’s faculty and interaction with guest speakers. For further information contact Sarah

Graduation Honors:

  • Departmental Honors. Many majors encourage students maintaining a 3.50 GPA in their major with an overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 to graduate with departmental honors. A substantial research project, presented and defended to faculty, is generally required. See departmental listings. Departmental honors are available in:  accounting, business administration, chemistry, combined languages, computer science, economics, English, finance, French, German, history, international affairs, kinesiology, mathematics, physics, political studies, sociology, Spanish and youth ministries.
  • Latin Honors. Honors listed in the commencement program are computed on Gordon grades earned through the fall semester. Final graduation honors are awarded to students who have completed a minimum of 42 credits at Gordon and who have the following final cumulative grade point averages:
    Summa cum laude: 3.75 to 4.0
    Magna cum laude: 3.60 to 3.74
    Cum laude: 3.50 to 3.59

Phi Alpha Chi
Phi Alpha Chi was founded at Gordon in 1928 as a scholastic honor society. The Greek letters stand for Philoi Aletheias Christou-Lovers of the Truth of Christ. On the foundation of its evangelical commitment, Phi Alpha Chi is dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of scholarly research, clear thinking and creativity by Christians in every discipline. Persons eligible for membership must be graduating seniors who have pursued studies at Gordon for at least four semesters and who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or higher. Christian character, creative ability, curriculum and promise of distinctive achievement as a Christian are considered as supplementary criteria.

Alpha Mu Gamma
Alpha Mu Gamma (AMG) is a national foreign language honor society whose Kappa Epsilon Chapter was established at Gordon in 1983 to acknowledge achievement in the field of foreign languages, encourage academic excellence in the field of linguistics and cultural studies, promote cultural awareness inherent in foreign language study, and foster sympathetic understanding of other peoples and international friendship. Invitation to membership in the Gordon chapter is contingent upon the support of a faculty member in the department and is extended to students who have satisfied the following requirements: an overall cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better; a grade of A/A- in 8 nonrepeated credits of language classes taken on campus at the 200-level or higher (at the 300-level or higher for Spanish majors); no grade below a B in foreign language; and a declared major or minor in foreign language—Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Spanish, combined languages, and related Pike contract majors.

Phi Sigma Iota
The Zeta Chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, the national honor society in foreign languages, was established at Gordon in 1978. It recognizes outstanding achievement in upper level courses in any foreign language and linguistics. Membership is by invitation only.

Sigma Delta Pi
The Eta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the national honor society in Spanish, was established at Gordon in March 1969, the 183rd chapter in the country and the first chapter in Massachusetts. Membership is by invitation only and is limited to advanced Spanish students. 

Sigma Pi Sigma
The Gordon chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, a national honor society in physics, was established in 2012.Membership is by invitation only and is based on high standards of general scholarship and outstanding achievement in physics.

Sigma Xi
First established at Gordon College in 2009, Sigma Xi is an international, multidisciplinary research society whose programs and activities promote the health of the scientific enterprise and honor excellence in scientific investigation. Candidates nominated by faculty to join the North Shore Chapter of Sigma Xi (consortium of Gordon College, Endicott College and Salem State College) must be graduating seniors with grade point averages of at least 3.0 who have pursued degrees in science or engineering and have shown an aptitude and experience in original and independent research.