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President R. Judson Carlberg Issues Statement On Historic U.S. Presidential Election

November 7, 2008
The following is President Carlberg's statement in response to the presidential election:

"Since its founding in 1889, Gordon College has remained committed to the ongoing vision for and celebration of racial diversity and cultural traditions in the context of Christian faith. From our many global education programs that introduce students to multiple cultures around the world, to the variety of majors, denominations, and ideas that intersect on our campus everyday, Gordon College has always enjoyed the unique privilege of respecting diverse perspectives around a common purpose: Jesus Christ.
With the recent presidential election in the United States decided, I believe the Gordon community is all the more inspired toward the ideal of racial reconciliation. Regardless of which candidate our students, staff, faculty and alumni supported in this historic election, we at Gordon recognize the magnitude of this time and look with prayer and humility to the future.
Senator John McCain's gracious and kind concession speech modeled for us the ethos Gordon has always hoped to instill in our students. President-elect Barack Obama's words also were gracious, revealing a sense of humility and hope equally important for our community. Both candidates called for us to be better citizens- something we are eager to do- and their respect for each other bodes well for the future of discourse in political life throughout our country and within our classrooms.
As we honor the significance of this time in history and acknowledge the benefits of a democracy that reflects the people's choice, we look forward to moving ahead. As we do, I pray that all of us will welcome the opportunity to work toward peace with others who, regardless of political, cultural or theological affiliation, are fellow sojourners in this world. At this time we rejoice that there will be another group at the table who historically may have felt excluded: people of color."

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