Physics News: last updated 05/23/2012

Four Physics Graduates Receive Departmental Honors

This year the Physics Department has an exceptional set of graduating seniors, four of whom received departmental honors. These are the first departmental honors we have granted in more than six years. Each of them has done outstanding work and successfully defended their work in a public presentation as well as submitted a written thesis for review (the theses average 50 pages in length).

The four graduates who received honors are:

  • Zach Capalbo for his work on "Noncontact Determination of Surface Tension in Fluids Using Focused Acoustics"
  • Danielle Duggins for her work on "YAG-based Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Elemental Analysis"
  • Darrell Montonera for his work on "Elastic Constants in the Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni Metallic Glass System Using Impulse Excitation"
  • Jesse Thompson for his work on "Nanoscale and Microscale Hardness of Hydroxyapatite–BisGMA/TEGDMA Composites"

These four projects in total produced one poster at the Spring Materials Research Society meeting in San Francisco, one peer-reviewed paper accepted for publication in the MRS proceedings, a startup company to commercialize some of the ideas, two winning poster entries and four talks at Gordon's Undergraduate Research Symposium.