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Summer Workshops

Workshop programming for summer 2021 will be fully remote for the week of July 12 - 16, 2021.  Virtual workshops will be taught by the same nationally recognized clinicians just as we successfully did last summer, and will closely follow the original "live" course meeting dates and times below.

Changes to schedules and course delivery plans (synchronous and asynchronous remote instruction) will be announced within the individual program course descriptions below. 

Music teaching and learning will continue to look different than the "norm". Gordon College continues to follow national and state guidelines for safety as the pandemic continues. Policies and practices will continue to be updated as COVID-19 data comes in or CDC and state regulations change.

Registration for Summer 2021 is now open.  All workshop programming is virtual.
At Gordon, we believe in innovative music teaching and learning. Our interactive workshops taught by nationally recognized clinicians, provide music educators with a unique opportunity to explore topics that prove to be inspiring and enriching in music classrooms across the country. Workshop participation is open to all music educators, no matter what your educational or professional background.