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Student Employment

Welcome to Student Employment at Gordon College!

Here you will find instructions on how to become a student worker and begin working on-campus. 


The Student Employment Office is open part-time hours. We are currently open between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. 

New Student Workers

For more information about getting started with student employment, please visit our New Hire Procedure page.

Up to 700 students work on-campus each year in over 1,000 positions. A student is not required to be eligible for Federal Work-Study in order to apply for on-campus employment. 

Reasons to consider working as a student:

  • To help defray the cost of education
  • To gain valuable work experience and marketable skills
  • To build your resume
  • To connect with faculty, staff, students, and community members
  • To learn better time management
  • To improve academic performance

Finding a Job On-Campus

Students are encouraged to apply early, as on-campus jobs are often filled by the end of the first day of classes. Students can search for on and off-campus jobs on our student job board which is located on Handshake

Our employment system is entirely student-initiated. Students are responsible for finding their own on-campus job which suits their particular financial needs, schedule, and interests. Work-study recipients are not guaranteed a job nor have one reserved for them. It is not necessary to have received a federal work-study award to be able to work on campus.

When looking for a job on-campus, students are encouraged to check the job board each day. However, we also encourage students to think about where their skills would best fit into a campus environment and then to inquire with that specific department about the possibility of job openings. Traditionally, the two departments that hire the greatest number of students are Physical Plant and Dining Services. Students are always encouraged to seek employment there.

Job Fair

The Career and Connections Institute (CCI) hosts an on-campus job fair each year during orientation. On-campus supervisors will be at the job fair to answer questions. 

Prospective students

For more information on student employment at Gordon College, please visit our Prospective Student Information page.

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