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The Village

The Village is a group of five small, upperclassmen-only halls that line Grapevine Road. The Village offers house-style living – residents share double rooms and each hall/house comes with a living room, kitchen, and laundry room. Residents of Conrad, Hilton, MacInnis, and Rider Halls can choose an apartment meal plan or waive the meal plan entirely, while Grace Hall residents have the option to choose an apartment meal plan, but not waive the meal plan. 


Occupancy: Approximately 100 residents

Price: $3,860 per semester (Conrad/Hilton/MacInnis/Rider)
$4,260 per semester (Grace)

Eligibility: Available for upperclassman students

What the Village has to offer:

  • Laundry room in each house
  • Common lounge in each house
  • Kitchen in each house
  • Indoor bike storage
  • Outdoor bike rack

Hall Highlights:

House-style living
Backyard space and grills
Meal plan flexibility

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