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Fulton Hall

Fulton Hall is one of the largest residence halls on campus, serving as home to around 170 residents. Rooms are arranged in four-person suites, two double-occupancy rooms connected by a shared bathroom. Fulton has 8 lounges and one game room with a ping-pong table and foosball table. The common kitchen serves as an area where students can enjoy one another’s company while baking cookies, cooking a meal, or playing a game of pool.

Occupancy: Approximately 170 Residents 

Hall Highlights:

  •  Fulton Hall was the first hall with a mascot, long live the Moose!
  •  King of the Hill: 3,000 water balloons, a ton of cardboard and one shot to take back the trophy
  •  Hill Grill: What better way to kick off the fall semester than with a cookout with your neighbors on the Hill?

Room Specs:

  • Square footage of room: 16 ft x 11 ft
  • Wardrobe: 6 ft x 1 ft 10 in x 3 ft
  • Under bed: 9.5 in (Low Lofted Bed: 2 ft)


  • Suite-style building with 4 residents sharing a bathroom.
  • 8 Lounges
  • Laundry room on the west side of each floor
  • First floor study lounge
  • Game room: ping pong table and foosball table
  • Communal kitchen (oven, stove, microwave, and refrigerator, and pool table)

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