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Chase Hall

Chase Hall is a suite-style building where students live in doubles or triples and every two rooms share a bathroom. It is centrally located on campus, boasting gorgeous views of the quad and main campus area. Each floor has a central lounge and kitchen area where students can be found studying, laughing, and playing games. Chase Hall is designed for energy efficiency in accordance with Gordon’s broader aim to promote renewable energy and resources on campus. 

chase hall

Occupancy: Approximately 170 residents

Price: $4,810

Eligibility: Available for all undergrad students 

What Chase has to offer:

  • Air conditioning
  • Laundry rooms on each floor
  • Lounge on each floor
  • Ping pong table
  • Study lounge
  • Elevator
  • Kitchen on each floor
  • Indoor bike storage
  • Outdoor bike rack
  • Outdoor patio

Hall Highlights:

Hoedown, a joint hall event with line dancing, games, and fall-themed food
First winner of the highland games
Chevans cookout

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