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Degree Check List

To qualify for graduation and an undergraduate degree, a student must:

  • Apply for graduation (application on "Academics " tab on my.gordon.edu) 
  • Earn a minimum of 120 semester credit hours and meet the residency requirements. see "Residency Requirements" page.
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above
  • Fulfill the liberal arts Core curriculum requirements specified in the catalog (see "Catalogs" page for your catalog year), unless exception is made due to the student's major requirements
  • Fulfill major course or other requirements specified in the catalog,(see "Catalogs" page for your catalog year), taking a minimum of 20 credits in that major at Gordon and earning any specified minimum GPA or course grades in that major
  • Be endorsed by the major department(s)
  • Complete all coursework in the final semester (no incomplete grades), unless a petition to change degree status is approved in advance
  • Take all required examinations, including comprehensive examinations in departments requiring them
  • Be in good standing regarding behavioral expectations
  • Attend commencement exercises unless excused in advance

Students are entirely responsible to fulfill all graduation requirements. Advisors are available for advice and consultation. Since curricula may change from year to year, Core and major requirements are determined by the catalog in use during the year in which a student enters. A student has the option of declaring a catalog in use during any year of attendance at Gordon and meeting all the requirements of that catalog. Requirements may not, however, be selected from more than one catalog. The College reserves the right to alter some program requirements as they deem appropriate, or as necessary to remain in compliance with licensure or guild standards.

Students who wish to participate or march at Commencement prior to completion of their degree requirements must complete a petition to participate form and meet certain conditions prior to Commencement.  

For information on degree or Latin honor qualifications, see the "Academic Honors" page. For information on departmental honors, see each department.