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Why do people think, act and feel the way they do? Why do you and your friends recall different details of shared experiences? How do we as Christians think about these issues in the context of faith? As a psychology major at Gordon College, you’ll learn about human functioning and explore the brain’s intricate underlying processes, acquiring valuable clinical skills that will lay the foundation for later diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. You can apply that knowledge to solve practical problems in a wide variety of fields—including research, business, marketing, medicine, law, sports, forensics, social work, and education.


Psychology courses at Gordon College

These courses are required in addition to the concentration.

  • PSY180 Psychological Perspectives (4)
  • PSY256 Research Methods I (4)
  • PSY257 Research Methods II (4)
  • PSY447 Theories & Systems 4)
  • PSY491 Senior Seminar (2)


For more information, contact:

Kaye Cook, Ph.D. 
Department Chair 
P 978 867 4402 

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