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Invoice Checklist

Students and professor

To help you get started financing your Gordon education, we have put together a list of documents for you to complete, along with their due dates.

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This checklist highlights the documents mailed to you with your bill and how to complete them:


July 15



Indicate Your Plan for Payment
Let us know how you will be paying your fall bill at www.gordon.edu/planforpayment

View available methods of payment here: Payment Options

  July 15

Waive or Enroll in Health Insurance
Determine if you have adequate health insurance.
Learn more about Massachusetts's health insurance requirements.

 August 15

Make a Decision on Student Loans
If this is the first year you will be using your student loans, complete the steps at:

To decline loans or change the amount of your loans, complete the following online form: Stafford Loan Change Request Form

  September 5

Finalize your Registration
Between August 20 and September 5, students must finalize their registration on the Go Site. Completing this process notifies us that you are in fact attending and authorizes us to disburse financial aid.


July 15

Payment Plan
For more information on our payment plans, visit Payment Options.

  August 15

Dental and Vision Options
Review dental and vision options; enroll if desired.

  August 15

Tuition Insurance Waiver
If you choose not to enroll in the A.W.G. Dewar Tuition Refund Plan, you must waive the service at www.gordon.edu/tuitionrefundplan.

  August 15

Change Your Meal Plan
If you would like to choose a different meal plan, visit www.gordon.edu/mealplan.


Tuition Insurance Brochure
Fully explains Gordon's tuition insurance coverage.

2018–19 Financial Guide
Answers questions about tuition, fees, payment plans, financing options and more.