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Wilson Hall

Wilson comes to feel like home to residents soon after they arrive. The open lobby has a common entrance which allows residents to interact with their peers often, and to see a welcoming face almost every time they come back to the hall. The central lounge provides an atmosphere for floors to come together for large events, socializing and studying.

Here's what a few students had to say about living in Wilson:

"The community is great, and everybody is super open and friendly. I have really enjoyed the floor fellowship, as well as the overall building unity as we have done several floor and all-hall events which have been really fun. Also, Ebeth, the resident director, is the sweetest, kindest, most open person I've met, and I've loved having her as my RD."

"Wilson is one of the older dorms on campus, so it is very lovable and established. The rooms are set up in a very cozy and comfortable manner with lots of shelf/closet/desk space. Wilson has a central location on campus, so you don't have to walk very far to get anywhere. Also, the RD of this dorm is amazing and you can drop by her apartment whenever you want; her door is almost always open."