Nyland Hall

Dedicated in 2003 in honor of David Nyland, Nyland Hall is a traditional community-bathrooms style residence hall with a lot of personality. Home to over 138 residents, the room accommodations include doubles, triples and quads. Each floor has a laundry room, a kitchen and common lounge space for the residents to enjoy. Nyland is half men and half women, mostly comprised of first-year students and sophomores, with some juniors and seniors. Nyland is often described as a home away from home, where everyone has a place in the community and all are challenged to grow in faith and maturity.

Here's what a few students had to say about living in Nyland:

"Nyland Hall is located on a section of campus known as "The Hill" which offers a lot of unique opportunities that the lower campus might not. All three dorms participate in cookouts, worship events, and an annual contest known as "King of the Hill". Of the three dorms on the Hill, Nyland is the only one that offers community-style living without apartments. One of my favorite parts about Nyland is the exposure to the lacrosse team. Because they are busy with practices, it's often hard to form friendships with the players if you're not on the team, but living with most of them makes it easier to spend time with them. My dorm also hosts Nyhop which is an event where the RA's make pancakes for all the residents. Cami, the RD, almost always has her door open and makes us feel at home with the rest of her family."

"I love living in Nyland! The community there has had a huge impact on my life at Gordon. One of my favorite things that Nyland does is Nyhop. In the early afternoon all of the RA's run a huge pancake breakfast where we get pancakes with anything that we want in them. Nyland also has its own events council and we have a lot of fantastic hall-wide events year-round including an amazing Christmas party, worship nights, chocolate night, and hill grill."