fulton Hall

Fulton Hall

Fulton Hall is the largest residence hall on campus, and its personality does not fall short of its size. Located between Nyland and Tavilla, the suite-style building is a hub for intentional community that can be seen through frisbee on the front lawn, ping-pong in the lounge, or even off-campus hall events. The common kitchen serves as an area where students can enjoy one another’s company while baking cookies or making a meal with friends.

Here's what a few students had to say about living in Fulton:

"Fulton is the best! The RA staff is awesome and plan really fun events throughout the year, from STAFF Infection (which is a big game of hide and seek where the RAs dress up in disguises and hide in the Northshore Mall) to Pinterest crafting days—there's always something fun going on! Another great part of being in Fulton is getting to go to hill events. We have a Hill Grill where everyone comes out for hotdogs, hamburgers, music, and of course, a ton of fun. There's also KING OF THE HILL, a giant water balloon fight between the three hill dorms; the winner gets the title of King of the Hill. From floor fellowship and floor dinners, to the floor events planned by your RA, you'll find yourself making really close friendships with the people you live with. Fulton is suite style, so you have a great chance to become good friends with not only your roommate, but also your suitemates. Fulton is a great place to live and you'll find yourself calling it home in no time."

"Fulton is a bit of a walk up the hill, but we are closer to the Woodland parking lot and the Gordon trails! Our resident director and his wife are really sweet and they're usually baking something equally as sweet for the residents! We do have our own bathrooms, which we share with our suite mates. The RA staff plans fun things to do on the weekends with each floor such as apple-picking, getting ice cream, and going out to breakfast on Sundays."