Evans Hall

Evans Hall

Evans is one of the three HUD halls (along with Wilson and Lewis) that share similar architecture.  Evans has a large, central lounge that is home to a number of great hall events. It is centrally located on the mini quad, a great place outside to study or hang out with friends.

Here's what a few students had to say about living in Evans:

"Evans traditionally has a great community. It is a HUD dorm, which means that it has a community style bathroom, and it's really easy to make friends when you're all sharing sinks! The RAs will organize some great events for their floors. For example, this year we went to a corn maze in the fall and planned movie nights throughout the year. We had beach parties when it was warm and snowball fights in the winter. People are always hanging out in the lounge or having homework parties in the lobby."

"Evans is pretty centrally located on campus, one of the four in the 'neighborhood' area created with Chase, Wilson, and Lewis. Something neat about Evans is that it's sort of the identical twin to Wilson, and in the early fall, there's an Evans/Wilson cookout to get to know everybody and just have a good time!"

"The three floors on Evans east are all women’s floors, including the top floor of Evans west. But the first two floors in Evans west are the guys’ floors. Evans has a fantastic location! It's centrally located to the library, the science, music and arts centers, the student center/cafeteria, and the Quad. If you are lucky you might even have windows that face the quad, from which you are able to watch soccer games right from your room!"