As one of the largest majors in the college, the Psychology Department seeks to help students come to a better understanding of the actions, feelings and thoughts that relate persons to their physical, social, and spiritual contexts. Guided by faculty mentors who are themselves enthusiastic and excellent participants in research, theory, and practice, students are grounded in a comprehensive curriculum that provides the skills for graduate studies in psychology and related areas or to gain employment in a wide variety of professional settings (e.g., human services, law, education). 

A primary concern in the department is to develop an understanding of the nature of humans that is coherent with psychological and biblical knowledge. We intend to prepare students to carry out their scholarly, professional, and personal vocations in a way that reflects their Christian commitment and motivates and empowers them to act as agents of redemptive change in those domains.

We are committed to developing well-rounded students by placing theory alongside practical and applied experiences. We believe one of the best ways of exploring psychology is to learn by doing. For this reason, opportunities to participate in an internship, join a research team with a faculty member, or work on your own research through an independent study are strongly encouraged.

To learn more about this exciting major, please contact the chair of the Psychology Department,

Members of the psychology faculty:

  • Are experienced teachers
  • Model the Christian faith
  • Possess diverse research interests
  • Have doctorates from highly regarded universities 

We have moved to the Ken Olsen Science Center and have wonderful new offices and a new home for the brain-imaging lab (EEG-brain waves). When basement space is completed, we will have approximately 2,500 sq. feet of laboratory space. This space will be used to conduct clinical interviews, experiments in perception and action, and research into spiritual and moral development. 

Dr. Bryan Auday
Department Chair
Department of Psychology

P 978.867.4824


Is a Christian College Worth It? (PDF)
A Study by Kaye Cook, Ph.D.

Pulling Off the Mask: Social Networking Study (PDF)
A study by Bryan Auday, Ph.D. and Sybil Coleman, M.S.W., M.Ed.

Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood (DOCX)
Essay by Kaye Cook, Ph.D.